Unsolicited/Unpaid Gun Cabinet Reviews by Our Customers
Scout Products Customer Testimonials
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Name: Repeat Customer SC   Subject: #1608   Date 11/11/2017

Hi Kyle.  Now that I have a moment, I want to let you know that the cabinets you sent me look beautiful.  It is evident that someone made an effort to select nice wood.  Thanks for the wood marker too. I'll send you a few pictures once everything is set.  Please pass on my appreciation to everyone who had a hand in the work.  I have spent, and continue spending, a lot of time living in some of the worst places in the world.  So, the time I get to live at home is really important to me.  My house is a comfortable sanctuary from the sand, dirt, and chaos of the middle east.  Your cabinets are a key part of making this house my home.  They keep and display my most valued possessions in a way that brings me great happiness.   So, thank you again for the beautiful cabinets.  

Name: Jay T.   Alton, IL
Subject: #301 Oak
Date 1/23/2013
Hi Anita - I just wanted to let you and the folks at Scout Products LLC know that my gun display cabinet arrived today and I could not be more thrilled.  I am very impressed by the quality workmanship and the first class condition in which the cabinet arrived.  I will be displaying a shotgun that was given to me by the surviving family members of a very dear and  beloved friend and client of mine who was an avid and well respected outdoors man. I cannot think of a finer product in which to display such a very special gift.  Thanks again for all of your fine service and such a spectacular product. With great appreciation and sincerity. JT.
Name: Jon D.  Wyoming
Subject: #406 Oak
Date: 11/28/2012
I received the gun cabinet and it was in perfect condition from shipping. It is certainly a beautiful piece of fine furniture. Please pass onto your builders and wood-workers that they are truly 'craftsmen.' I am beyond pleased. Thank you very much and have a wonderful rest of the day. Jon D. (#406 Oak w/ Flo Light and Custom Nutmeg Finish)
Name: David T.
Subject: #94 Wall Display
Date: 1/1/2013
I recently received the #94 Wall Display and have installed it in my family room for my Henry Big Boy Deluxe.  Now, that empty wall
space looks great!  The Wall Display nicely frames the new rifle.  Thanks for an excellent product.  Regards, Dave
Name: Tammie H-M
Subject: Free Replacement for Freight Damaged Model #610
Date: 12/28/2012
I just wanted to thank you for your Product.  This one did make it in one piece.  lol.  My husband loves it and hasn't stopped talking about it.
Name: Amy L.   Wisconsin
Subject: #908 Oak Gun Cabinet
Date: 11/28/2012
I did receive it today and it looked great.  No tears, rips or any signs of an issue.  I have just opened it at home and LOVE it!!  As I am sure my husband will as well.  Very beautiful piece!  I'll let you know what he thinks...should be home shortly.  Thank you, you have been great in assisting me with everything! 
Name: H.I.  Germany
Subject: Desktop Lever Action Rifle Display
Date: 10/15/2012
The display has just arrived.  Great item.  Thank you very, very much.  It is an eye-catcher.
Name: Steve G.  Michigan
Subject:  #358 Gun Cabinet
Date: 9/18/12
Received the gun cabinet yesterday in perfect condition.  It is just what I expected.  Then you for a very easy and painless purchase experience. 
Name: Betty S.
Subject: Sierra Lodge Rustic Leather Sofa
Date: 9/10/12
    Anita, I’m sorry I have been so long getting back to you.  Hurricane Isaac hit us and we were without power and phones for 5 days.  It was so hot and humid!!!!! 
    I got my beautiful sofa and loveseat and I just love it!  Thank you so much for your help and the great price.  I have wanted it since I first saw it 2 years ago in Black Forest Décor and at that time it was about $2500. plus shipping and I knew I couldn’t afford it.  So, I waited and watched and found your wonderful price with no shipping cost.  I cannot thank you guys for helping me get something I have wanted for 2 years.   The driver who delivered it actually helped my son get it in the house…way beyond his duty.  I offered him a good sized tip because he wasn’t supposed to do that and he refused to take it.  GOD was with me all they way through this endeavor.  Maybe it was a reward for taking care of his wildlife.  I have a fellow wildlife rehabilitator who wants the sofa and as soon as her divorce goes through, she is going to order it through you folks.  I am keeping all the information for her and will put her in touch with you.   Thank you so much for your help and if I am ever up your way, I will drop in to see you.
Name: Wayne
Subject: Model #120 Automatic Pistol Display
Date: 6/20/12    Just received my pistol display case for my 1911 (model 120). It is awesome! The pistol looks absolutely stunning inside the box.  I will be ordering more for my other firearms. The only problem I have is the lack of shelf space to display my firearms! Thanks so much!   Wayne
Name: Lisa H.
Subject: Model #306 10-gun
Date: 2/8/2012
Kyle, I  just wanted to thank you so much for all your help.  We received the door and got it installed and it looks great.  We are really happy with the gun cabinet, it is just what we were looking for.  Thanks again, it was such a pleasure working with you.  Have a great day.
Name: Nicky F.
Subject: Model #1109
Date: 1/21/2012
We received the ordered gun cabinet yesterday and we couldn't be more happy.  It is beautiful and the craftsmanship of the work is excellent. We are glad we waited for the delivery and hope to order another cabinet in the near future. Thanks again.
Name: Gary B
Subject: Model #1119 Solid Pine 12-gun cabinet
Date 1/16/2012
Received the 12-gun Pine Cabinet today safe and sound, via Estes Express.  This cabinet is just perfect, very well made and I really like the design.  The 'space-saving' design ensures that it doesn't take up an entire wall, so I made a good choice.  Best wished to you.  Sincerely


Name: Judy D.
Subject:  Model #301-Oak Wall Mounted Single Gun Display

Just a note to say,  My Husband absolutely, loved the gun case!!  It was a wonderful surprise.  He will put an old Winchester rifle to rest in it.  Thank you so much!

Name: Ron S.
Subject:  Gun Rack
Hi Kyle!  I just want to let you know that the gun rack arrived in time for Christmas.  I also want to let you know that the crafting on this rack was done very well.  What a nice piece to give to my son.  Absolutely gorgeous!  Thanks so much for such a fine quality gun rack.  Cheers, Centennial Co


Name: Joanne W.
Subject:  Ordering Question
I appreciate your promptness and feel we know you since our conversation about the cabinet.  We unveil it this weekend!!!  I know he is going to love it as he has the last 2 and the 4 gun racks we have gotten from your company.   
Keep up the good work.  I am recommending you to anyone I see here to check out your website and order from you.  They will get not only quality workmanship, a good product, and a reasonable price, but they will also get courteous, efficient service and shipping.   
I will get back to you later on.
Name: Robin F.
Subject: Scout Products
Dear Anita......(my NEWEST BESTEST friend...lol8-> day dreaming!!!):I just heard from the shipping company today, and they are delivering tomorrow!!!  YOU, my dear Anita, are a WOMAN OF YOUR WORD, and I cannot say enough good about you!!!  If you ever need an extra referral, COUNT ME IN!! We won't be opening the box until Christmas, so you will surely be hearing from me again in the future.  Happy and healthy holidays to you and your family
Name: Dawn and Michael
Subject:  Perfect!!!
The cabinet (#350 Corner) arrived this morning.  Perfect!!!  It is absolutely beautiful.  Thank you for sending it so quickly.  This is in no way a concern, just thought you may want to know that the light bulb was not secured and the shipper was concerned that the glass had broken.  It hadn't but the bulb was burned out.  Again, no worries on our end.  Everything is absolutely beautiful.  We have it in the house and the guns are already in it.  Thanks again. Dawn and Michael

Name: Roger L. Curry, Sr. 
Subject: I couldn't be happier
Date June 16, 2011
I received my Model #808 Gun Cabinet yesterday.  It was received in a timely fashion, was packaged well and was in the best of shape.  In fact, the drive of the transporting vehicle assisted me in opening the enclosed box and even placed it against the wall in my home.  I couldn't be happier.  Please use me as a reference anytime.  I will be sure to order again if the need arises.  Thank you and sincerely, Roger Milan, TN

Name: Angelia S.
Subject: Gun Cabinet
Date: June 14, 2011
We received the gun cabinet (Model #1109)  today and we appreciate the quality and service.  Thank you so much for getting this to us before Father's Day.  My prayers are with you and your community. Angelia

Name: Harold W.
Subject: Great Product
Date: March 21, 2011
Just like to thank you for the great cabinet I received (#408).  Cabinet looks great and delivered without any issues.  However, the cabinet cabinet came with the incorrect glass installed.  The effort your company made in getting me the correct glass was superb.  Customer service was great and understood the problem right away and made the arrangements.  Just goes to show you a great business doesn't stop once the product leaves the company.  Thanks for a great product and service. New Cumberland, PA. 

Name: Fred Feinsten
Subject: Custom Oak 17-Gun Rack
Date: February, 27, 2011
Just a short note to let you know how very pleased I am with the oak gun rack, the rack is truly an exhibit of superb craftsmanship.  I also want to mention how impressed I was at the painstaking care given to preparing it for shipment, it arrived in perfect condition.  

Name: Richard P
Subject: #301 Single Gun Wall Mount
Date: February, 25 2011
I received your beautiful Gun Cabinet.  This is definitely a credit to the detail of your craftsmanship.  Thanks again!

Name: Diane S.
Subject: A Great Company with Great Customer Service
Date: Jan 17, 2011                               
Kyle, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful customer service and for helping me so much, my husband said it was beautiful and others that saw it that have gun cabinets said it didn't hold a candle to your, I am sure you will have some new customers.  THANKS AGAIN,                        
Dianne S
Independence Mississippi

Name: Tina B.
Subject: Thanks for the Cabinet
Date: September 26, 2010
I received the gun cabinet I ordered on Tuesday this week. I am very pleased with its workmanship and quality.  I inspected it for damage as you instructed when it arrived as instructed and it looks great. Cincinnati

Name: Dennis R.
Subject: Model #808 w/ Florescent Light Installed
Date: September 17, 2010
Received my Gun Cabinet Model No. 808 and I am completely satisfied. Great craftsmanship and quality materials. Thank you very much.  Dennis R.

Name:  Alan L.  Charlotte, NC
Subject: Gun Cabinet (Oak #1358 Oak Library)
Date:  March 8, 2010
Good morning Anita,  Just wanted to let you know...I picked up my gun cabinet from the YRC terminal in Charlotte this past Friday afternoon.  We LOVE it!  It's a beautiful piece of quality furniture and it looks just great!  I'm always skeptical when ordering online when I can't actually see it first hand, but this gun cabinet is impressive.
Thanks for a nice transaction, 

Name:  Jeff R.  Winthrop, WA
Subject: Gun Cabinet (Oak #408 Fruitwood)
Date:  Feb 3, 2010
I got my gun cabinet yesterday, I just wanted to let you know I am very impressed with the quality and workmanship, a super value and plan on ordering another cabinet soon.  Thanks, Jeff R.

Name:  Tim V.  McKinney, TX
Subject: Thank You!
Date:  Jan 30, 2010
Kyle,  All the pieces are now together and I'm very satisfied with the finished piece. I can not thank you enough for the excellent service, the timeliness of your responses and for the professional approach you take to business. I will be using you again in the future and will refer you every chance I get.
 Awesome Service!!!    Tim V.

Name:  Tom T.  Longmont, CO
Subject: Revolver Display (Model #110)
Date:  Feb 2, 2010
Comments:  Kyle  Got the revolver cases tonight. They are great as usual.
I don’t know how you do it for the price.  Thanks

Name:  Bob W.  Conroe, Tx
Subject: Safe Arrival
Date:  Sept 9, 2009

Comments: My Model #908 (12-gun, dark finish, solid ash) cabinet arrived today safe and sound.  It's beautiful and looks really great with my guns in it.  It's been a pleasure working with you and I'd be glad to recommend your company to anyone that sees it and wants one of their own.  Thanks again

Name:  Hunter C.  Houston, Tx
Subject:  Solid Oak Custom Cabinet w/ Raised Panel Sides
Date:  May 27, 2009

Comments: The cabinet arrive in perfect shape.  I hope I never have to uncrate something packed that well again.  The cabinet is all I'd hoped it would be, very nice!  It looks perfect in my trophy room!  Thank you so much for accepting my custom order, please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

Name:  Tim and Cathy
Subject:  2 Solid Pine Model #808's
Date:  April 15, 2009

Comments:I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for making such a beautiful product, and at affordable prices. I've always wanted to get both my sons gun cabinets (they are avid hunters) but didn't think I'd be able to afford them, but your company made it possible, and we surprised them this last Christmas with a beautiful gun cabinet for each of them. Their mouths just dropped open. Even though it was only a few weeks before Christmas, we received the cabinets in plenty of time, thanks to your friendly and fast service! I will be spreading the word about your company!
Cathy and Tim

Name:  Linda
Subject:  Model #840 Oak Gun Rack
Date:  February 6th, 2009
Comments:  Just wanted to say thank-you so much.  We received the replacement gun rack this morning.  Couldn't believe it got here so fast.  It came in perfect condition and is so perfect for our room (bedroom) I thought I would share a picture of it installed on the wall with you.  Even the color is perfect with our furniture.  I will get the other one back to you as soon as I receive the tag.  Thanks again.  Linda (note: the first rack had freight damage)

Name:  Brandon G.
Subject:  Model #408 Oak w/ Halogen Touch Light
Date:  November 17, 2008
Comments:    I received my cabinet this past Friday.  Looks great!  I will definitely be referring you guys to anyone I know looking for a cabinet.  Thanks again for all you help.  Madison, South Dakota

Name:  Shawn S.
Subject: Excellent Service/product
Date: November 4, 2008
Just wanted to let you know that I received cabinet and it is better than expected for the money.  I can't believe anyone would try to save a few bucks and buy a china press board cabinet.

Name:  J. Schillin
Subject: VERY satisfied customer
Date: June 6, 2008
Comments:     Just a quick note to let you know the three cabinets (model 1058) arrived the other day, and they are WONDERFUL! great items at a great price. just as described and pictured on the site, if not better. I had been searching for a display case for my collection items, and these will be perfect. again, very very happy with them, and your staff member Anita the best!  thank you again!

Name: R. Morelli
Subject: Scout Products LLC
Date: March 17, 2008
Comments: Thanks for the GREAT Quality gun cabinet (Model #358).  I am always concerned when ordering over the internet but the pics of the case were identical to the cabinet I got.  My house is now completed.  Thanks for the USA made product.  The crating of the cabinet was great no damage done.  I will order from you again!!!

Name: Ed Cale
Subject: Satisfied customer
Date: January 31, 2008
Comments:  Just wanted to write a note about the Model #1612 I ordered.  I ordered it on 1/28 and I received it today (2/1).  I talked with Anita when I ordered and she was very polite and helpful.  I was actually surprised when UPS called to schedule the delivery today.  I have to say that was fast.  I absolutely love the cabinet.  The only suggestion I would make is a small light in the middle display area would be a nice option to add.

I want to share a personal story with the company.  I was very close to my uncle who passed away in late November.  For Christmas, my aunt gave me money and told me my uncle had been looking for a gun cabinet to give me as a gift.  He just couldn’t find one that he thought I would like.  I called all the local furniture companies and some within a reasonable driving distance.  But no one had any on display and they couldn’t order the style I wanted.  That is when I started to look online.  Out of all the searches that I did, your model #1612 kept coming up in my searches and it fit the style that I wanted.  Granted it was more than I wanted to spend but my aunt said however much I needed she would give because my uncle wanted me to have one.  Again I have to say I absolutely love the cabinet and I do believe my uncle would love it also.  I showed my aunt a picture of it from your website, but I cannot wait for her to see it in person. 

Name: David A.
Subject: Gun Cabinet
Date: February 12, 2008
My cabinet arrived last week (Model #1119).  It's Great  The wood tones are very rich.  Your staff is professional and a pleasure to work with.  Best of all, my cabinet is made in America.  Take care and best wished to you and yours.

  • Name: J.J.
    Subject: Scout Products Confirmation
    Date: February 14, 2008
    Thanks.........cabinet (Model #1902 Gun Chest) is GREAT!!!!!!!  I will order another soon , JJ

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