May 22.  An F5 Tornado (they don't get worse) with Winds above 200 mph tore a 7 mile by 1/2 mile path of total destruction through the center of Joplin, Missouri.  7,000 homes, 500 businesses, 5 schools, and 162 souls lost in 32 minutes over 1,000 were injured.  

Some in Joplin have have no choice but to Sell Out or Move.  We are doing what we can to prevent the exodus of people from my town. 

Starting right behind Joplin high school.  I'm re-building the Ed Landreth house on Minnesota.  Only the sheetrock, floors, tub and tile and roof where sub contracted out.  The rest is the result of the hard work of my good friends...Mark Cameron, Don Decker, Bill Holland, Dave Candelaria, Lee Allen, Jack Davis, Larry Chandler, Lonnie Maynard, Shane Galbraith.  Volunteers: Mr. Leland, Mr. Work, Mr. Wayne Wood (Wayne Wood Ministries), unknown folks from St. Louis Area, unknown folks from Texas.   Thank you to Brian Laddy and his Wife for their help with the roof.  Thank you for the help removing debris,  trees, sheetrock, insulation, carpet, furniture, clothes and a fair amount of heartache.    Scroll Down for the Progress, once finished one more house will be available for Joplin..

This is the good side!  Back half was blown completely off. 

Living room where it still had roof overheard.

Master Bedroom has not roof, joists or ceiling. 

100 Year Old Sycamore Tree...root ball is over 10 ft high from the ground.

Making progress with the new decking and roof. 

New Wall and ceiling from inside the garage. 

Shown here with the new shingles and the new garage wall and ceiling. 

Here is the master bedroom from inside. 

Master with new insulation and a new window. 


Master Bath nearing completion. 

Living Room Trimmed out. 

Solid Maple Kitchen Cabinets Custom Built by Scout Products LLC for Joplin Missouri Home

Partially Finished Solid Rock Maple Kitchen Cabinet built by Scout Products LLC 1-800-543-5390.